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Rev. Anne Berkeley Dorsey

Minister of Spiritual Science

All Cultures and Beliefs Embraced

Relaxed, Intimate and Loving Ceremonies


Maryland:  Baltimore city, Baltimore, Howard & Carroll Counties

YES, it is possible to marry during the pandemic.  I remain availble to help you create an awesome experience during this challenging time.   

Rev. Anne B. Dorsey

Anne has a special gift for enhancing the loving presence of everyone at a wedding.  She is a superb inspirational speaker and you and your guests will feel inspired as she  expresses  the ideas and feelings most meaningful to you.  Anne will share with you examples of many ceremonies, poems, prayers, rituals and customs that will inspire you to create a service that reflects your personalities and style. 
She embraces all cultures and belief systems and is skilled in combining the complementary aspects of different cultures and beliefs to help you and your families  feel united.  If you have concerns that your beliefs differ from your family's beliefs, Anne will help you to work with Universal truths such as love, friendship, community and family to ensure that you are expressing your uniqueness and also honoring your family's needs.  Couples who choose to marry outside a traditional church setting can have a very meaningful and loving ceremony with Anne.

Anne graduated from Johns Hopkins University and University of Pennsylvania.  She is ordained by The Baltimore School of Spiritual Science, a five year program which includes the study of comparative world religions, theosophy, metaphysics and esoteric healing. 

Comments about Anne’s weddings:


“That was the most beautiful wedding I have ever heard”

Guests at many weddings

 "Dear Anne, Thank you so much for a beautiful ceremony!  Eddie and I still get compliments on it from friends and family who attended.  Sincerely, Kirsten and Eddie"


“Anne, thank you so much for doing that. It was perfect.  You did a wonderful job”

Daughter of the Bride 

"Dear Anne, Thank you for making our special day complete.  We couldn't have asked for a more wonderful and meaningful ceremony.  Sincerely, Allison and Trevor"



" Anne, Thank you so much for a truly spectacular ceremony.  It was absolutely prefect!  We appreciate all the time that you gave to us in helping us prepare a truly meaningful ceremony.  Everything that day was prfect and it all statred with the ceremony!  Thanks again, Kim and Thomas"


",Anne, again, thank you so much for an incredible wedding.  We are still hearing compliments"  6 months later.  Michael and Cecelia


Your ceremony will be well organized  with Anne as your officiant. She is thoughtful with regard to the needs of you, your guests and the location of the wedding.  You and all the participants in your wedding will recieve clear direction to ensure coordination of all aspects of the service. You will feel happy and confident that your wedding will be perfect with Anne guiding the process. 

How Do You Proceed?

Planning the Ceremony 

First, a phone call to introduce yourself and review your plans.  This will enable Anne to set your fee and plan  time to meet.  Couples who live out of town may plan their wedding from a distance.          

Second, during this meeting Anne will review all the parts of the ceremony and discuss your vision.  She will guide you with examples and ideas. She will also discuss the role of each person in the wedding party and set up a timetable for the ceremony. This is a fun, relaxed process.  Plan on spending 60-90  where the service is performed.  

 Third, Anne will send a draft of your wedding via e-mail for your review.  Revisions  are made according t

o your feedback.  The final copy will be approved by you before the wedding.  Consider having th
e written portion of your wedding completed at least 2 months prior to your wedding.  Customized services are also available on short notice. 


Plan on spending an average of 30 minutes rehearsing the wedding.  Anne will collaborate with the other professionals, such as, wedding planners, musicians and photographers. When scheduling the day and time of your rehearsal consider rehearsing two to three days before the wedding.  This will help you feel well rested on your wedding day.

Small weddings may not require a rehearsal. Arrangements can be made to walk through the  details of the service an hour before the wedding begins.

* Anne prefers to have the license by the time of the rehearsal. 

Wedding Day 

Anne will arrive 30 minutes prior to the wedding to attend to any last minute details and coordinate with the onsite staff.  Anne enjoys meeting the guests and assuring the wedding couple has everything they need.  A little reassurance goes a long way on the day of your wedding.  Anne wants you to enjoy yourselves and each other.  This is a time to allow others to pamper you.


Severe weather requires flexibility and creativity  to ensure the best possible scenario.  There will be no charge for postponement due to severe weather.  Couples also have the option to keep their wedding day even during a blizzard.  Provided there is electricty the ceremony may be performed on line. 


Baltimore City/ Baltimore and Carroll County:  beginning at $500.00  

Annapolis: beginning at $550.00

Ask about reduced rates for mid week and small home weddings

$150 deposit to reserve date



Other Services Provided by Anne

Optional Couples/Family Counseling

Anne can guide you to a deeper understanding of how you and your fiance' can support each other's strengths and personal growth. You will have the opportunity to look at your individual family patterns and understand how they will affect your relationship with each other, your extended families and your decisions as parents. 


If you have an interest in metaphysics, Anne can assit you to explore your relationship from a Spiritual/Soul perspective.  This work includes guided imagery and energy work for couples to enhance intuition and awareness of your partner's energy system.

Stress Reduction Sessions

Join Anne for a Mind/Body session and learn techniques to reduce stress. You will learn tools such as Guided Imagery, Meditation, Breathwork and Cognitive Restructuring ( working with your thoughts to create what you want).  A regular Mind/Body Practice helps you to remain calm and centered in the most hectic  situations. 

Baptisms and Christinings

Honoring a new baby is one of the most cherished and fun events in family life.  Anne will work with you to create a special ceremony to introduce your child formally to your freinds and family.  This is an opportunity to bless your child , your family and your friends as you come together to support and honor your precious baby. 


Funerals can be a source of comfort and healing  when the service focuses upon the special gifts your loved one has left behind.  Anne's funeral services are very heart centered and provide a space for everyone to say goodbye in their own way.  Her inspirational messages help to make sense of the grieving process and provide reassurance that love and community are an important  source of strength  during painful times.